Hemp Seed Oil is a miracle of nature. Its unique properties offer fantastic nutritional and skin care benefits.



Midlands Nutritional Oils (MNOL) is New Zealand’s exclusive manufacturer & distributor of new hemisphere™ Hemp Seed Oil since 2002. We are uniquely positioned in Mid Canterbury in the South Island of New Zealand.

We are the first ever NZ owned and operated company to be able to grow hemp for the purposes of commercial sale, and have a team who are dedicated to producing high-quality Hemp Seed products from our purpose built premises in Ashburton, and our new hemisphere™ Hemp Seed Oil is just one example of this.

Our high quality Hemp Seed Oil is created from THC and chemical residue free Hemp Seed, and is produced in a GMO/GE Free production process and then distributed via our new hemisphere™ Hemp Seed Oil range.





“Huge improvement – happier, calmer, easy metabolism, nails are great, no more skin allergies! I have recommended the oil to friends and acquaintances for hormonal problems – both teens and menopausal, friends with cancer, any skin conditions, and elderly, basically all I know! I even like to use it for breads etc. for snacking – one way to get it into the children” Karen


“I have been waiting a couple of weeks using the Hemp Seed Oil to let you know what changes it has made to my well being. Right.during the night I have been having to go urinate 4 to 7 times a night because of the prostate cancer. I have been taking a tablespoon  a night at bed time. After 4 days I was down to getting up 3 times a night. After 7days I only get up to go once to twice a night. Incredible. I find I have more energy during the day whether that is because of me having uninterrupted sleep or that my metabolism has changed. Now for my legs which is why I originally asked for the sample. The pain in my knees is still there but not to the extent previously to  taking the Oil.The dry skin on my legs is improving so all in all I’m very happy in my self. I’m not as emotional and grumpy. People comment on my mind set. Thanks again” Ken


“We just cannot believe how well these Hemp Seed Oil products work! The pain relief for us both hasn’t just gotten a wee bit better IT’S GONE. Taking Hemp Seed Oil has helped my blood pressure as well. I’m feeling more mobile & bouncy then I’ve felt for years. I was a skeptic but not now. It is reasonably priced. I tell everyone how well it works.” Allan and Molly


“My skin has improved in appearance. new hemisphere™ Hemp Seed Oil is vegetarian and environmentally sustainable. This product is a great source of the Omega oils I need without relying on fish. I also love the fact that it’s NZ made – nicely done!” Hayden


For over 5,000 years, hemp has been used for textiles, paper, building materials, fuel, food and personal care products. 

Hemp is grown all over the world with little or no chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides & is used to make all kinds of consumer products, from clothing to house wares, natural cosmetics, even a car! Hemp is the ancient, eco-friendly fibre of the future & here is a slice of our small but important contribution to Hemp History in New Zealand.